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Real Estate Rehab Intensive – 1 Day RE Rehab Event

Those who have attended one of our Intensives in the past will tell you that it is an absolutely life-changing experience. Rehabbing properties is a fast game. Not many investors have the determination to succeed in the rehab business, it’s one of the toughest our of all Real Estate options. Mistakes on rehabs can cost you a fortune not to mention for some the clothes they are wearing on their backs. The range of knowledge you must possess to complete a profitable rehab is very extensive. The strategies that we will be sharing with everyone who joins us at the event will build confidence to help you on your way to mastering rehabs.

Exclusive Event!

Day 1: Morning Session

    The Top Techniques to find Houses, Contractors, and the system to follow to get the Best Rehab Team
  • Learn How to Prescreen Contractors with A System (Live Role Playing with Contractors)
  • Step by Step breakdown of the Rehabbing Process
  • Learn the order of work on every house, starting with the paperwork needed for any project and all contractors
  • How to Formulate A Scope of Work
  • How to Formulate A Payment Schedule to keep every job on track
  • Current Material and Labor costs breakdown so you can save on your next Rehab and estimate repairs for your next Wholesale
  • Learn how Build and grow relationships with Contractors so you can grow your Rehab Team
  • Learn how to set the Rules, create a Mission Statement, and Motivate you and your Team
  • The most important steps to identify and examine to partner with anyone to make money
  • Finally what we are doing in today’s market to stay ahead of the curve on building a buyers list and selling houses before we even own them!!

Day 1: Afternoon Session

    Construction Techniques That Sell All Your Houses
  • Q&A with our Contractors on site at the projects themselves
  • Identify the problem houses that never make any investor money and the reasons houses don’t sell
  • Identify the most common mistakes & projects that new investors under estimate and should not touch as these will end your career before it even gets started
  • Sizzle features to implement and install in every Rehab to sell your house fast
  • Learn the 5 top kitchens’ that can sell any house!!!
  • Make every buyer write an offer once they see the Bathrooms you have installed form our Scope of Work
  • How to check buyer’s credit, mortgage, and financing to only take you Deal off the market with a qualified buyer
  • Learn what legal structure and entity is best to make the most money and protect your assets
  • The top 5 things to do before listing any house to insure it is ready to sell